Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters

Ages ago, when legends and myths were real, gods existed to help mankind survive the threat of the monsters around them. The gods gave mortals weapons, training, and sage advice on how to slay monsters and improve their lives. As time went on, the monsters were slain one by one until they were no more. The gods slowly began to be forgotten, their purpose fulfilled. Eventually, the world moved on from the pantheons of old and settled into various monotheistic religions.

Centuries passed and the world turned on, moving past the old stories and the old ways.

Now the monsters have come back.

No one knows why they have come back, but the gods of old no longer seem to care. They have abandoned mankind just as they were abandoned themselves. A mysterious man known as Shepherd has been travelling around the world looking for people he thinks has a spark of the old gods flowing through their veins. It now falls to these people to gather together and fight off the coming evils.

It is up to these special to people to either save the world, or condemn it.

Which side will you choose?

Gods and Monsters

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